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Our review scoring process provides a much more accurate score for each product I review. The review scoring ranges from 1-100, based on it’s overall star rating (i.e. 4.6/5 stars), the total number of reviews given across the web (i.e. 519 reviewers), and my independent research of the reviews I find from multiple sources.

Review Scoring by Cornhole Nicole

This issue with most e-commerce sites and product focused websites, is they only allow sorting of reviews based on either “highest reviews” or “most reviews, which doesn’t allow the consumer “YOU” the opportunity to compare products you are considering for purchase.

Further, these sites generally puts you in a position of looking through “naked reviews”, which are a bunch of star rating reviews that don’t give you any information behind the reason for the review rating. You have to hunt through the reviews of the products, to determine the quality of the product, shipping and returns, and overall product quality. Additionally, the reviews are often given based off of factors the manufacturer can’t control, such as shipping times. Lastly, we’ve all read reviews where there may be a product defect (it does happen), and the consumer writes a scathing review of the manufacturer, before allowing the manufacturer the opportunity to resolve the issue. This can artificially drag down the overall quality score of the product, due to emotional behaviors.


How Our Review Scoring Is Calculated

We use three factors to determine our final review scoring, based on the use of our proprietary algorithm. The 3 factors are:

  • The total number of reviews a product has received, from multiple sources.
  • The overall rating average of the product (4.1/5 stars)
  • We independently evaluate the product and reviews we read. We dismiss the reviews without context behind the rating from users. If we don’t know why someone rated something a specific way, we just can’t trust the review wasn’t enticed by the manufacturer, in exchange for free products or discounts.

When a product has a low number of reviewers, but a high rating, the weight of our review scoring will generally be lower for that specific product. We just don’t trust the product enough to recommend it to consumers with a high score, with a low number of reviews to gauge it’s quality.

When a product has a large number of reviews with content and context, our algorithm requires less adjustments to achieve the final score for the product.

The process for curving our review scoring is not equal for positive and negative reviewers. A consumer who leaves a positive review is generally less resourceful to an overall score, than a person leaving a negative review. Beyond the reviews given by others, our review scoring is gauged by our opinions of the reviews, which adds a human touch to our review scoring algorithm.

Review Scoring Distribution

We’ve provided a chart below, which shows the estimated distribution of review scores, for all products on Cornhole Nicole.

  • 35.2% of the products we review, receive review scoring of 80-89.
  • 28.6% of the products we review, receive a score of 90-100.
  • 24.1% of the products receive a review scoring of 70-79.
  • 12.1% of the products received a review score of less than 70.


Review Scoring Distribution

Potential Flaws In Our Review Scoring

While our review scoring is generally very accurate, there are instances that may impact the accuracy of our reviews. Here are some potential issues with our review scoring algorithm:

  • The review scoring algorithm is based on multiple sources from around the internet. Some brands have been found to manipulate their reviews, by either posting fake reviews on their sites, or not posting negative reviews on their site. The reason we personally research each review considered, is to make a determination if we feel the reviews may be artificial. When we find fake reviews, we remove them from our review scoring process.
  • When we find product reviews that base the review on specific geography, we dismiss those product reviews, in an effort to offer the most unbiased overall review. We’ve found that this practice provides a more genuine and in depth evaluation of the product.

When reading through our reviews, please keep in mind that the products we review on Cornhole Nicole are used differently by consumers. While our review scoring system takes a universal approach to providing accuracy, the review may not match your expectations, based on how you plan on utilizing the product. While our review scoring system may be spot on for one person, it could be way off for another. While our review scoring process is far superior to other review processes, it isn’t always the best solution for everyone. Nicole Hart and Cornhole Nicole take great pride in providing the best review scoring system on the internet.

About Me

My name is Nicole Hart. I have a passion for cornhole, since I started playing with my Dad as a young girl. I decided to create a review site about cornhole, to help pay for college.

Each of my product reviews receives a score from 1-100, with 100 being the best reviewed products.

I have a passion for clean reviews, so you will never be burdened with ads on my site. You can support me and this site by clicking on the links for the products, which are Amazon affiliate links, which will pay a small commission on your purchase from there.

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I spend an average of 10 to 20 hours reading reviews from consumers for each cornhole product I review.

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